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I've noticed a sad trend in blogland, after recently returning to regular blogging after my foray into FB /Twitter/ Instagram, I've noticed that so many of the lovely blogs I used to read have all been abandoned or deleted.
Is anyone blogging anymore?

Sure it takes a bit more time to write out something worth reading... sure you have to make a bit more effort in order to comment. No clicking a symbol to like and scrolling on by. But is that really a bad thing?
I've enjoyed the ease of communication that came with Facebook, but now I seem to have come full circle, and am now craving the slower paced, less overwhelming connections to friends.
Actual solid people as opposed to a fleeting 'like' from people with names you can barely remember and know next to nothing about. I've missed talking to people with their own blogs, sharing a little corner of their life and letting their thoughts ramble across a page of photographs and musings.

I have been enjoying my travels over the last couple of years, and although I did put some of them here, I have started to move them (and add new ones as they happen) to my Travel Blog. 'Watch The Skies Traveller'

It's been fun to write, and serves as a diary for me also.
It also kick started me into coming back to this blog too. Which I'm really happy about. :)
I've found it oddly therapeutic as well. Everyone is far too busy busy these days, including myself, and the quiet moments in which I always enjoyed an hours catch up and blog read over a cup of tea had been lacking. Instead replaced by a constant frantic checking of Facebook throughout the day.
I still use all those other online mediums of course, but I've been there far less in the past few weeks. And instead swapped some of that precious time for my blogs. Just me and my thoughts, memories and adventures.

It would be great to see my followers over at 'Watch the skies traveller' & do tell me if there's any places you'd love me to blog about. We are off to Wales in January ;)

And if you have a current blog please also leave me a link or let me know so I can follow you back.

In other news I have a special October offer in my Etsy Shop... use voucher code at checkout - JGA20 - to receive 20% off your order.
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  1. Great post, and I feel the same. I have created a bunch of business-related blogs to try to focus on each one, but ya know, I don't really have a personal blog I put out there. Hmmm..... Maybe will do that.

    1. Business directed blogs are important, but I have always felt blogs need to be that bit more personal. I used to always include the 2 aspects hoping that like minded people would enjoy reading them, & perhaps know where to come if they wanted to buy some art or a gift.
      I know thats what I enjoy in a blog. And that doesnt mean splurging your deepest darkest secrets to the general public either. LOL
      I would love a personal blog of yours Carol, but honestly, I don't know when you'd have time to write one, even if you weren't on Facebook!! LOL
      Love you :) xxxxxxxx

  2. You HAVE it, over at LJ! haha!


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