September thoughts

It's halfway through September, and even though here in South Linconshire the weather is still so unusually hot, my thoughts turn to the darkening of the days and the coming of Winter months.

 Winter seems to be more of an influence on my artwork these days.
Currently swimming around in my head are tall trees, snowy hills, & castles in the mist.
Now all I need are some darker, chillier, quieter days in the studio to see what comes out onto the paper.

It's strange really, I am a 'Leo'. A Summer baby. I've always thrived at midsummer. It was 'my' time of year.
But over the last few years something has changed. The Summer months feel too noisy and busy and bright.
Perhaps somewhere along the line I learned to appreciate the Autumn and Winter months for the silence and peacefulness that they bring, allowing my muse to work uninterrupted.

This morning I awoke to the sound of cars splashing through rain. And I felt mildly excited.
Believe me, I have never been excited by rain before.
The sky is bright, almost a white/grey colour, and the rain makes hardly a sound as it falls in straight lines. 
I long to cosy up in the studio, where I sit now to write, and tape a new piece of paper to my easel. But I have things to do first... 
I just hope that the muse will wait for me... until I return. 

For now I will leave you with some photos from a recent week in the Scottish Highlands, where the mist and the castles, and mountains filled my mind with new ideas and inspiration. Oh for a Winter holiday by a wooded loch... imagine how full my sketchbook would be after a week! :)

To read more about my Scottish roadtrip, it's over here... on my Travel Blog...


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