Looking back

I happened to glance at my blog list yesterday and recalled one I had set up for my dog. We lost Nimh 2 years ago, aged 10.
I had left her blog up as a kind of memorial for my furry trousered rascal. I hadn't read it for a long time, & it did make me laugh.
I wish I had been better at writing it now. Seems like there were so many wasted opportunities.. she was quite a character (read- Naughty). :D

*Baby Nimh. The photo we were sent from her breeder while we decided if she was to be ours

*First day at home with her new family. A little bit scarey but Mummy og was there to snuggle.
(I had left a t-shirt of mine on the sofa for washing and while we werent looking she took it into her bed. We let her sleep with it for a few weeks. :) )

*Nimh's first bedroom. It was like a dog cage but made from a box. With doors cut in. She loved to sink her pointy little teeth into it until she got them a bit stuck and sort of hung there for a few moments. lol

*She was a right little monkey at 3

*Running like the wind

*Having a lovely stretch all over our chair cushions

*Hmmm.... she snuck in while we weren't looking

*Beach = freedom

*Well, she was cold!

*Helloooo mummy og... what are YOU doing?



*Mmmmm Cappucino froth!

*Crazy face

*Then there was the day we tried to put a Santa hat on her to make Christmas cards...

*Best most favourite Christmas present ever... Caterpillar. The only soft toy she never 'un-stuffed' (killed). We still have Caterpillar. <3

*She ended her days with Cornish Pasties for tea... because sometimes, you just have to make your furry babies final months the stuff of dreams.
Not this one though.... that was mine. After a hard day at work making the damn things. :D


  1. Beautiful girl, she really was a character <3

    (and now I'm craving a real cornish pasty!)


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